Starting in 2006, they already managed to gain some attention and

gather a constantly growing fanbase – but now they're off to hit it big

time. It hasn't been easy since and the real challanges are yet to come.

However, the flame still burns, the will to keep going is stronger than

ever. The magic is on – so let the show begin!

Marple 8 (bass) / El Grande (guitar) /
Sid van Sin (vocals, guitar) / Mike Night (drums) /


EP 'miss purgatory' (self-distribution 2007)

Download Single 'no romeo' (Black Rain 2008)

Album 'famous last songs' (Black Rain 2009)

key facts_

Winner of 'Sonic Seducer 'Battle Of The Bands 2006'

(Europe’s biggest newcomer-competition for the so-called 'dark' scene)

featured on some 'Gothic Spirits' and 'Aderlass' compilations .
Tracks on compilations
of  following magazines: Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Astan, Insomnia.
Music videos on air via satellite TV and played on movie festivals

like the 'Judgement Night 2008' (Austria) -
Branded drink 'PussyLiquor' in cooperation with Pech Liqours -

Numerous shows in Germany and throughout Europe with
The 69
Eyes, Subway To Sally, Front 242, Jesus On Extasy etc.
Including performances
at the Wave-Gothic-Treffen 2007 and 2010
and – as the
only unsigned act yet - at Castle Rock VIII in Mülheim/Ruhr.


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